Mistress Kim’s slave had been cleaning the house and ironing her clothes. I allowed him to rest for an hour then told him to have a shower. I chose what clothes he must change into. We are going to a restaurant and you will meet my friend. After his shower [more...]
Sexy dance to Goddess Kim’s whipToday my slave you have to dance in front of your mistress. My slave had to take off his clothes. I put music on and told my slave to dance. I fetched my whip and sat down. Now dance and as he passed his mistress [more...]
 had just woken up. My dog slave sleeps on the floor below my bed. Get up my dog it’s time for breakfast. Woof he replied. I took him to the shower for his daily clean. On all fours and keep still while I clean you. As I scrubbed him all [more...]
Toilet TrainingI had been with my mistress some time and she asked if I could become her human toilet I would have to live in with her. I agreed so moved out of my apartment. I went to her house knowing I will never again be freeShe explained my training. [more...]
For session, I want to be tied up again. Tie my legs apart. Tell me you are not happy with me and will have to please Mistress if I want to cum. Make Slave clean mistress pussy and ass hole with his tongue until Mistress is happy. Then put on [more...]
Hello Ms Kim, Your ad really struck a chord with me, it was beautifully suggestive at many levels and resonated with me.  Its great to know there are women of your caliber here as there tends to be alot of bs in the online world.  I found it easy to identify [more...]
Some peoples play with choking suffocation and other forms of "breath control " The first symptom of oxygen deprivation is often euphoria also the idea of this degree of control can be compelling ( one submissive women gasped with delight when she considered that her master or mistress might "control [more...]
"That is too much " That 's going too far" In my life, I have seen many sexual activities labeled " going too far. When i was child an average American neighborhood sex within marriage was permitted, but per-marital sex was going too far , I renumber when vaginal intercourse [more...]